dimarts, 13 de gener de 2015

Crazy stories

Avui a 5è hem començat a treballar el temps verbal de passat a la classe d'anglès. A partir d'objectes que treiem d'una capsa, hem creat dues històries una mica bojes. El resultat ha estat ben divertit i ho volem compartir amb vosaltres.

The Pineapple Biscuit
Once upon a time there was a very famous biscuit. A pineapple wanted to steal its fame with a flying motorbike. One day, they were shopping in the supermarket and they met. They started fighting and they crashed. There was an explosion and, as a result, a new biscuit was created: a pineapple biscuit.

The Story of the Aliens in the Pineapple World
One day there was an alien who lived in a pineapple world. The pineapple world was in the fridge. The alien lost his slippers. Meanwhile he was looking for his slippers, he found a female alien. A girl opened the fridge and cut a piece of pineapple. The aliens were inside this piece of fruit and escaped to live a world of adventures.    

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